Postal Carrier RHD Solutions

We have fantastic and affordable Right Hand Drive (RHD) solutions for postal carriers.  We've talked to dozens of carriers about their unique needs and created solutions from the ground up.  Read through our many, many 5-Star reviews from satisfied carriers.

Our SAFEDRIVE Pro Plus provides total control over the brake and gas pedal.  Use your vehicle for your route from right side, or drive normally from the left side.  You won't even know the kit is installed.  Our unique safety pin locks the pedals down so passengers can't accidentally apply the brake or gas pedals.  The universal fit is easy to install and even easier on your wallet.

The SAFEDRIVE Postal Steering Stick is a great complement to our pedal kit.  No more leaning over to the left trying to drive along your mail route.  Sit in the comfort of the passengers seat and make minor adjustments to the wheel as you drive up to mailboxes.

The SAFEDRIVE Turn Signal Stick allows you to use the turn signal from the right side with an easy 5-minute installation.

The SAFEDRIVE Screwless T-Mount is another great add-on and makes it even easier to install and remove our pedal kit.  There's no need to bolt the SAFEDRIVE Pro Plus to the passenger side foot-well.

All our solutions come with everything you need for a complete installation including full-color instructions and live technical support.

Want to learn more?  Click here for details on why we believe our designs are the best in the business.

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