SAFEDRIVE Driver Education Brakes for Driving Schools

Designed for the professional, the SAFEDRIVE Series has all the security and performance features you should expect in a best-in-class, dual-control system.

Each kit includes everything needed for a complete installation

Quick List of benefits:

  • Lifetime warranty!  See Money Back Guarantee for details.
  • Fits all makes and models of vehicles.
  • Full-size, no-slip pedals for a more familiar feel and extra security.
  • Portability between vehicles, use it over and over again.
  • Great feel from minor adjustments to full out emergency stops.
  • Independent return springs provide redundancy - no phantom brake lights.
  • Solid, single piece construction for passenger side, nothing to assemble.
  • Safety pin prevents accidental use of the brake and/or gas.
  • All welds applied from both sides of attachments for greatest strength.
  • Flashlight included for cable inspections and security pin replacement.
  • Optional accessories add comfort and ease installation.

    Want to learn more?  Click here for details on why we believe our designs are the best in the business.

    ** Note:  Some hybrid and electric cars, like the Chevy Volt and Tesla, have electronic equipment installed under the passenger seat or foot-well area.  In these cars, bolting the SafeDrive passenger controls (or anything for that matter) into the floor is not possible.  Adding the T-Mount to your order will secure your SAFEDRIVE dual-control without the need to bolt it into the floor.

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