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SAFEDRIVE Pro Plus Driver Education or Postal Carrier Brake and Gas

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The SAFEDRIVE Pro Plus is the best in class, Right Hand Drive conversion kit (RHD) for postal mail carriers and driving schools.  As a postal carrier, add speed and convenience to your mail route and have the ability to drive from either side with no reconfiguration.  As an educator, help a tentative student get the car up to expressway speeds when entering from the on-ramp, or even those deer-in-the-headlights left turns!

We used the same brake pedal design and control as our successful SAFEDRIVE Pro driver's education brake.  The gas pedal side provides even more feel.  We use a finer cable and angled the pedal to provide a more responsive and delicate control.

The SAFEDRIVE Pro Plus Driver Education or Postal Carrier Brake and Gas comes complete with the brake/gas system as shown (no assembly required), cables, mounting hardware, flashlight, a full-color instruction manual, and a security pin that locks the pedals to avoid accidental use.

We even include an extra set of cables for free*.  We recommend thoroughly checking and if needed, replacing the cables every year or whenever the SAFEDRIVE Pro Plus is moved to a new vehicle.  So nothing to order - you're all set regardless if you are performing normal maintenance or needing to move to a new vehicle.

The SAFEDRIVE Pro Plus Driver Education or Postal Carrier Brake and gas can also be mounted using our T-Mount so there's no need to bolt it into the passenger side floor.  The T-Mount is not included, it is a separate product.

If you're a postal carrier looking to improve your Right Hand Drive (RHD) experience, take a look at the SAFEDRIVE Postal Steering Stick.  No more reaching over for the steering wheel, drive from the comfort of the passenger's seat.

Review the installation instructions HERE for more pictures of the system or see our multiple 5-STAR product reviews for customer submitted photos.

New Design:  Our new design started shipping in October 2022 and added more space between the brake and gas pedal.  If you have the old design, contact us for an upgrade kit.

*Mail carriers will apply the brake and gas upwards of 400 times a day during a normal route which is much more than a driving instructor.  We recommend the cables be checked monthly and replaced annually.  The free extra cables ease your maintenance and ensure safety.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Hamilton
Install for 2022 Rav4

First class engineering on the equipment was evident right off the bat. The only issue I had was Trying to drill holes in the floor that was cramped with the gas and brake pedal in the way. Otherwise install went perfectly. Thanks guys

Eric Shane Helbert
10 outta 10

Absolutely would recommend this, had it hooked up and ready to go within the hour.


Works great 👍

Timothy Stein

I bought the pedals because I am a rural carrier and didn’t want to spend the money on a right hand drive vehicle. So far so good. It does take more pressure to stop the vehicle and I am hoping that they last.

Adam Turner
Detailed and a time saver

The installation process was outlined very well in the provided manual. I used that along with several YouTube videos to decide the best installation approach for my vehicle. The process did take some time with little space to work around the pedals and without being too destructive on my vehicle.

My one designer improvement request would be to manufacture the pedals to be less stiff. I knew this going into the order process from a peer who gave me a heads up. The stiffness may or may not be for safety. Not 100% sure.

However, if given the option to purchase or choose a competitor, I would choose this brand again due to the positive reviews of customer service.

The past 2 weeks have been a wonderful relief delivering mail since my vehicle had no way of sitting middle or straddling because of a high center console. Within the last 2 weeks, I have been able to shave off 30 minutes to 1 hour on my route time from delivering mail from the left side of my car, parking, reaching over the passenger seat and hanging out the window, sitting, then driving to the next stop and repeat.

Pictures included of where I installed into my Toyota Avalon.