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SAFEDRIVE Postal Steering Stick

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No more blown-out left shoulders from having to reach over to grab the wheel all day!  Introducing the SAFEDRIVE Postal Steering Stick, a design based on feedback from dozens of mail carriers.  A simple to use and effective way to steer the car from the passenger's side, commonly known as RHD or Right Hand Drive.  You can even make complete left and right turns.

With the simple push of a button, the stick disconnects from the attach point on the steering wheel and pops right back on when needed.  The ball handle makes a convenient grip and the flexible hinge-joint allows you to position your passengers seat forward or backward for greatest driving comfort.  It is made with lightweight aluminum alloy to minimize fatigue during a long day.

The system comes complete with full-color instructions, the 22 inch long steering stick, an optional 9 inch extension (if you prefer to drive with your right hand or have a wide cab), the steering wheel clamp attachment, two sets of screws for various thicknesses of steering wheels, rubber spacers for added grip, and an allen wrench.  There's nothing else you need for installation.  Just put the attachment on your steering wheel, tighten the two screws with the allen wrench, pop on the stick and you're good to go.

After training for a short time (it took us about 15 minutes), you could easily drive the car from mailbox to mailbox.  Turns do take a little more practice and using two hands on the stick was the trick.  We sure had fun watching the reaction on people's faces as we drove by!

Match this up with the SAFEDRIVE Turn Signal Extension to easily operate your turn signal from the right side.

Please check with your postmaster or local manager for approval.

Click HERE for installation instructions.

Customer Reviews

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Daran Kansas RCA
Excellent solution for RHD for Rural Mail Carriers

I bought RHD conversion kit, but, I didn’t install the steering wheel, mainly because it was more complicated than the pedals, and, it took up a lot of room in my car. However, the “reach and steer” was wearing out my shoulders. I came across the Safedrive steering stick, ordered it, got it within a week, installed it in about 15 minutes bd practiced driving with it. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to make turns and guide the car.

Bradley Speas
Works well

Got the optional t bar mount for the pedals of which I’m really glad I did. Didn’t have to drill into the floorboard. Drilling into the floor board for the cable mounts was harder than I expected. But the compact size of our vehicle had a lot to do with that. It’s actually on its first day of use and is working better than I thought it would. The pedals feel very much like a cars. This is a very well made and sturdy product. Very impressed with it and cudos on the packaging for shipping too.

My only complaint is the top of the t for the pedal mount wasn’t machined for the screws. But I made it work. Would like to see some more installation videos too because the installation process was a little tricky for me.

The steering stick is absolute genius! Easy to remove from the clamp when not using.

Misty Jaromscak
Steering stick

Item arrived quick. I have short arms so it helps with not having to stretch way over to reach the steering wheel. It takes some practice to get used to turning corners. It has an extension to make it longer which I have. I wish I could add another one to make it just a little longer.

Juanita Shaffer
Evita Shaffer

I really like the safedrive postal steering stick. It has allowed me to safety drive from the right side of my mail car. Took a few days to get use to it but after some practice it has made my life easier.

Safedrive Postal Steering Stick

What a life saver. Takes a little getting use to. Easy to remove. Very secure attachment will not loosen.
I recommend this this product to save your back. Lol