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SAFEDRIVE Pro Plus Driver Education or Postal Carrier Brake and Gas

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The SAFEDRIVE Pro Plus is the best in class, Right Hand Drive conversion kit (RHD) for postal mail carriers and driving schools.  As a postal carrier, add speed and convenience to your mail route and have the ability to drive from either side with no reconfiguration.  As an educator, help a tentative student get the car up to expressway speeds when entering from the on-ramp, or even those deer-in-the-headlights left turns!

We used the same brake pedal design and control as our successful SAFEDRIVE Pro driver's education brake.  The gas pedal side provides even more feel.  We use a finer cable and angled the pedal to provide a more responsive and delicate control.

The SAFEDRIVE Pro Plus Driver Education or Postal Carrier Brake and Gas comes complete with the brake/gas system as shown (no assembly required), cables, mounting hardware, flashlight, a full-color instruction manual, and a security pin that locks the pedals to avoid accidental use.

We even include an extra set of cables for free*.  We recommend thoroughly checking and if needed, replacing the cables every year or whenever the SAFEDRIVE Pro Plus is moved to a new vehicle.  So nothing to order - you're all set regardless if you are performing normal maintenance or needing to move to a new vehicle.

The SAFEDRIVE Pro Plus Driver Education or Postal Carrier Brake and gas can also be mounted using our T-Mount so there's no need to bolt it into the passenger side floor.  The T-Mount is not included, it is a separate product.

If you're a postal carrier looking to improve your Right Hand Drive (RHD) experience, take a look at the SAFEDRIVE Postal Steering Stick.  No more reaching over for the steering wheel, drive from the comfort of the passenger's seat.

Review the installation instructions HERE for more pictures of the system or see our multiple 5-STAR product reviews for customer submitted photos.

New Design:  Our new design started shipping in October 2022 and added more space between the brake and gas pedal.  If you have the old design, contact us for an upgrade kit.

*Mail carriers will apply the brake and gas upwards of 400 times a day during a normal route which is much more than a driving instructor.  We recommend the cables be checked monthly and replaced annually.  The free extra cables ease your maintenance and ensure safety.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Desjardins
Excellent alternative to a RHD Jeep

Wasn’t looking to pay 50-60k for a new RHD jeep. The only vehicles you can straddle in the middle nowadays are the CRVS pretty much until 2011. My 2011 CRV mileage was getting up there so I decided to get something new (2023 Subaru Outback) and install these pedals in it and it has been amazing, it opens up your options for whatever vehicle you would like to use and not be forced to buy an expensive RHD jeep. I use this combined with the steering stick and it makes my mail route fairly easy. It does take time getting used to if you’re coming from straddling but you will eventually get the hang of it. Thank you SafeDrive for giving me an inexpensive alternative that gave me the freedom to deliver mail in whatever vehicle suits me best.

Jon Gerrell
I must have for male carriers!

For a couple years now I thought about getting this. After the first day of you, I’m so glad I did. The install seemed intimidating, but it wasn’t that bad. This is a must have for any rule mail carrier.

Great product

I own Udriveitdrivingschool in lake worth,your product is the only brake I trust as my secondary brake.great product

Theresa Chalko
Postal Worker

I purchased the pedals and steering stick to make delivering mail in my minivan easier and safer. They worked really well and I was happy with how they performed and they were easy to install.

Unfortunately the job wasn't a good fit for me and I quit. Even though I was slightly over the 30 day return period he was AWESOME in working with me and understanding when I asked about returning the items for a refund. Excellent customer service! If I needed any such parts again I'll definitely be going through Safedrive.

Conner O'Keefe
Recommend . Rural Mail Carrier. Chevrolet Astro

Installed this kit into a 1993 Chevrolet Astro van with zero issues. Took me an estimated 30 minutes. I have not had this this kit installed very long but out well over 300 miles of mixed constant and stop/go traffic on it since installing it and have zero problems nor have they shown any signs of premature wear to be concerned about. My favorite thing about this kit is that is universal and will easily go into a different vehicle if I chose to do so. When I was first interested in purchasing this kit I sent an email asking about fitment and was responded to in a timely manner, and I feel if I had any other concerns they would be addressed in a like fashion. Would not hesitate to purchase again if I ever needed to and I can faithfully recommend this product to anyone reading this.