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SAFEDRIVE Turn Signal Stick

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The SAFEDRIVE Turn Signal Stick is a simple and non-intrusive way to operate your vehicles turn signal control from the right side of the vehicle. This Turn Signal Stick is easy to use and is designed to stay in place for both right and left side driving capabilities. 

The SAFEDRIVE Turn Signal Stick fits almost any turn signal knob and includes a rubber insert with three sizing options, giving it a truly universal fit. The sleek design will not cover or impede the use of your wiper or headlight controls. It is easy to install and leaves no damage to your vehicles turn signal lever upon removal.
The kit includes: 
  • 1 turn signal lever clamp
  • 1 turn signal stick
  • 3 rubber spacers of various sizes
  • 1 hex key tool
  • All required bolts
  • Full color instructions 
Installation time is around 5 minutes and we are always available to assist with any installation questions.
Click Here for Installation Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Very easy to put on and seems to hold in place very well. Very pleased so far

Bill G.
Needed addition to right hand drive conversion!

Turn signal stick works great. It took a little trial and error to get it to securely fastened to the turn signal lever, but, once I got that figured out, it works great.


This makes driving my converted the so much easier. What a great invention!

steven casperson
Signal stick

This item works great and easy to install the key to this is its lightweight

Joshua` Wickander
Works Great....

SO it works great, the only down side is that I have a newer car and there is not a gasket for that style turn signal they did include a flat piece so I could make my own which works. -easy to use and now other drivers see what I am doing..