Give Them a Brake

SAFEDRIVE Screwless T-Mount

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We've made the easiest dual-brake install even easier!  The SAFEDRIVE Screwless T-Mount makes installing your SAFEDRIVE Pro or SAFEDRIVE Pro Plus a snap.  No need to pull up the carpet before bolting it into the floor.  Also, some hybrid or electric cars have battery packs under the passengers seat area while others could have thick insulation making it difficult to reach the metal floor.

The SAFEDRIVE Screwless T-Mount comes with four high-quality, painted steel frame's that match our pedal kits perfectly in color and strength.

Please note that this system is not universal due to the many variances in passenger seat design.  In many cases it will fit out of the box, in others, you may need to do some minor field modifications.  The steel parts are thick enough to provide sturdy support and flexible enough for a custom install.  Take a look at your passenger seat and the example photo and understand your installation before purchasing.  Or, send us a picture and we'll be happy to provide advice.

Give yourself a "brake" and save time and effort with your next installation by using the SAFEDRIVE Screwless T-Mount.

Click HERE for installation instructions.

Customer Reviews

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Evan Salmon
Right hand brake installation

The installation step by step instructions were very helpful and easy to follow. Was able to complete my installation within a couple hours . Was not able to do a video but am very pleased how it functions and was able to start making money with my driving school car the same Day.

C Troutman
Great Product Very Well Made!

I use your product daily as a Rural Carrier in my Jeep Gladiator and am Very Satisfied! Well Built and looks good too.

Bradley Speas
Liked it overall

I had to drill a hole in the t bracket to make it work. It was just wouldn’t adjust small enough. Also at the top of the t the holes weren’t machined to accept screws. I had to improvise there as well.

After installation I’m impressed how it worked though. The item is well thought out and sturdy. Really glad I didn’t have to drill through the floor. Could use it on another vehicle but probably just buy another t Mount. The whole system has made a world of difference.

Alan Spence

Good product was easy to install

T mount

This made it possible install pedals without drilling any holes. It works great! Also made it so easy to install and remove if and when I need to..highly recommend this!